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This is among people tools that sneaked on me. I bought this number of hole saws a couple of years back and used them on one project, i quickly put it away in stock and mostly did not remember relating to this. It absolutely was an attractive divider familiar with separate two cats that would not be pals. I drilled numerous random holes in a little of plywood, stained and take care of the wood and hang up the divider up to make sure that the cats frequently see one another and discuss their versions without getting the opportunity to use their claws. It labored and lastly they resigned themselves to have an uneasy existence together. Otherwise the round a couple of a few things i needed I made round the lathe and therefore this tools sitting getting dusty until...I preferred some wheels for just about any toy truck. I looked and couldn't search for a size I loved for just about any reasonable price, that is a lot of effort to produce a handful of wheels round the lathe therefore i struck relating to this alternative.With a few cleanup I will get perfectly good wooden wheels, in many dimensions. A trickwhich i learned using this hole saw could it be nicotine nicotine gums up quite badly when cutting wood because it doesn't have saw teeth but abrasive glued to steel. After each used in wood I clean the key edge getting a wire brush and therefore low on burning together with a cleaner cut. Also, put it to use in the drill press if you'll be able to.This number of hole saws appeared to come to terms with make wooden bracelets to promote within the craft shop.